March 28, 2014

Me Oh My, It's Mississippi Mud Pie!

Kitchen confession here: I totally make things "for others" knowing full well that it's really want I want to make for myself. Such was the case with my husband's birthday cake. His favorite dessert is probably cookies. So, I naturally decided that the best dessert for his special day would be cookies this überdecadent, over-the-top, chocoholic Mississippi mud pie. Makes sense right? Since I love he can tolerate layer cakes and chocolate? And it was all mine for him?

But just look at this thing! Given how phenomenal this dessert it is, can you really blame me for my selfishness? Reviewers of the Baked Explorations recipe, as featured on the Martha show, as well as numerous food bloggers have all gone gaga over Matt Lewis's Mississippi Mud Pie/Cake.  

March 11, 2014

Tuna & White Bean Salad

Spring has sprung! At home that means that we have entered our thaw period. There's still frost in the ground (and snow forecasted for tomorrow), but the ice is gradually receding as the days lengthen. It's amazing how refreshing and spring-like the high 30s and even 40s can feel after enduring months below freezing. With seasonal rejuvenation in mind, a tuna and white bean salad seems just right for this transitional weather.